Unconventional holiday in Croatia

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Unconventional holiday in Croatia

Robinson Crusoe accommodation

Unconventional holiday in Croatia for those who want to relax away from the bustle of city life and enjoy the magic of Robinson Crusoe way of life in God-forgotten places on the Adriatic islands and islets.

If you like an absolute quiet, lonely nooks full of romance, beautiful beaches and untouched nature, then fishing huts and stone houses are your right choice. If you decide to be in an undisturbed solitude, then the stone houses are just for you. In some places there are more holiday stone cottages together and allow you to share a sense of freedom and relaxation with friends, but without the daily stress of civilization. A divine calm, clear sea and the narcotic aroma of wild herbs growing in pine forests will be your reward. Robinson Crusoe tourism represents a totally new trend of the accommodation offer in Croatia.

Holiday cottages are usually offered on the islands of Brac and Hvar, where you can find many beautiful bays in untouched nature. Islands of Pasman, Ugljan, Murter, Korcula or Kornati National Park and many of North Dalmatian islands are also among the favourite targets of Robinson Crusoe accommodation lovers. Thanks to its relative abandonment, stone houses and cottages are a heaven for nudists. Pets are mostly permitted (on request).

Facilities of each holiday cottage is very varied, from comfortably furnished apartments with modern equipment to the simple cottages with older devices. (Choose carefully and view photos to avoid any misconceptions about the equipment. Specifics of the houses, including specific restrictions and conditions are mentioned in the description.)

Generally speaking, stone houses have one common attribute which is the lack of electricity and tap water. Refrigerator and cooker are mostly powered by solar energy and by gas bombs. Drinking water is in the tanks, which fill up with rainwater in winter. If you do not drink this water, you need to bring bottled water with you. Water is in a limited quantity here and it is necessary to handle it with care. Hot water is available in black barrels placed on the sun and is not usually piped into the house.

The owners assists you on arrival from the point of parking to the house. They pick you up by a motor boat or accompanies you by foot or car. Transport to the cottages is usually included in the price but it is paid separately for facilities which are located farther from the mainland. (You can find the information about transfer and car parking in the description of the house.) Considering the fact that only unpaved roads lead to the houses, we recommend the arrival by off-road vehicle. The advantage of car parking in the vicinity (usually 15-20 min. walk) is the opportunity to charge mobile phones in the car or to visit civilization.

Clients must bring food along or it can be imported in cases of an extreme need by the owner by agreement. Another option is to purchase food on a ship called "the supermarket", but the ship operation is not garanteed. Surrounding of the buildings is covered by a standard mobile phone signal. We recommend you to fully charge the battery of the phone before the housing and provide a car charger for a chance to call in an emergency.

We can you arrange a boat hire from the owner or joint fishing to enable you to bake fresh fish on the grill directly at the house.

The virgin nature, clear blue sea, wild Mediterranean herbs, option to bake self-caught fresh fish, these are the advantages of Robinson Crusoe tourism.

Travel with us to Croatia, explore the unknown corners of this beautiful land, relax on deserted beaches and enjoy the unforgettable Robinson Crusoe holiday.

Due to great interest of tourists, it is advisable to book the accommodation at least one year in advance, if you are interested in a particular holiday house. Return to nature is certainly worth a try!

Important note

There are no private beaches in Croatia, the beach is a public good that everyone can enjoy and it is necessary to behave with this rule, see the law: https://www.zakon.hr/z/505/Zakon-o-pomorskom-dobru-i-morskim-lukama

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