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Bay Mala Krusevica - island Pasman | 5 m from the beach | 1 x 6 osob 

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Accommodation Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman

The secluded house Kamelo for 4-6 persons is located on the southern coast of the island of Pasman in the smaller bay called Mala Krusevica. Kamelo house is surrounded by olive trees and other greenery, so it offers peace and privacy. The bay Mala Krusevica is not accessible by car and there are two other houses.
A head of the house is a pier where you can mooring your boat (we recommend a boat with a length of max. 7 meters). Next to the pier is comfortable place for bathing and sunbathing. The sea in the bay is crystal clear.
Holiday house Kamelo is located on the south side of the island and has a stunning view of the Kornati islands. The house has a terrace with outdoor seating and a beautiful view of the sea.
In the sea house Kamelo is available rainwater - collected in the tank during the winter so do not waste water unnecessarily. For drinking water is better overcooking or bring water in bottles with you. There is hot running water in the kitchen and bath. In front of the house is an outdoor shower. Electric power is produced by solar panels and in the house is voltage of 220 V. The powersockets are standard and can be used for lighting, chargigng mobile phone or computer. Stronger appliances can not be used (hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, blender, etc.).
Pets are allowed for a fee. In the garden is an outdoor grill and inside the house is a fireplace in the living room.
You can buy fresh vegetables or fruit from the housekeeprs which grow on their garden.
Bay Mala Kruševica is covered with mobile operators.
Parking  is on the plot above the house - distance from the house approx. 50m
Connection with the island of Pasman is provided by ferry line Biograd - Tkon (the ride takes 15-20 min. and the ferry rides several times a day). The island of Pasman can also be reached by ferry line Zadar - Preko (the ride takes 30 min.) and then from Preka (Island Ugljan) across the bridge to the island of Pasman.
In the town of Tkon on the island of Pasman are restaurants, supermarkets, patisserie, bakery, post office and port for the ferry and the town is about 5 km from the bay and can be reached on a footpath through point Straza (the trip takes about 50 min). Straza is a viewpoint tower and offers a beautiful view of the Kornati archipelago and other adjacent islands as well as the Velebit mountain.

Equipment and availability

Grill Pets Beach (5 m) Center (5 km) Store (5 km) Harbour (5 km) Airport (35 km) Bus (5 km) On the island Distance from beach (5 m) Accommodation without the presence of the own Berth TV/SAT Oven Parking (cca 50 m)

Accommodation units

House Kamelo for 4-6 persons has two double bedrooms (one with double bed and one with twin bed - possible to connect them), living room is connected with equipped kitchenette (dishes, refrigerator, freezer, stove and oven), in the living room is a rollaway sofa comfortable for two adults and dining table with chairs and a fireplace. From the living room leads upstairs to the bedrooms and bathroom with shower and toilet. A large terrace with a sea view. Outside the house is outdoor shower and another bathroom with shower and toilet.

Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman
Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman
Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman
Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman
Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman
Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman
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Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman

Beach5 m

Center5 km

Store5 km

Harbour5 km

Airport35 km

Bus5 km

Distance from beach5 m

Parkingcca 50 m

Route tips

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Robinson  Secluded house Kamelo, bay Mala Krusevica, island Pasman

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