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Kukljica - island Ugljan

Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Kukljica is a picturesque village with a harbor on the easternmost side of the island of Ugljan near the road passing through the island of Ugljan to the island of Pasman. Holiday resort Zelena Punta is located on a wooded peninsula Zaglav, is the part of the tourist village of Kukljica and the largest holiday resort on the island of Ugljan. The old part of the town is from Zelena Punta separate by large natural bay. From the island of Ugljan, which is covered with pine forests, olive groves, fig trees, vineyards and lots of other Mediterranean vegetation, you get from Preko to the mainland by ferry. Village of Preko is the administrative center of the island and lies 8 km from Kukljica directly opposite the city of Zadar. Residents of the island of Ugljan, which belongs to the Zadar archipelago, live of growing olives, vines and fruit, as well as fishing and tourism. Tourists can stay in the holiday center of Zelena Punta or in apartements in Kukljica and admire the amount of public green, beautifully landscaped waterfront, marina and seafront promenade with cafes, pizzerias and patisserie. Cruise ships in the harbor offering a trip to the Kornati islands and the bay Telašćica.
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