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Unconventional holiday in Croatia

Terms and conditions of travel agency „chorvatsko-levne.cz s.r.o.."
(Hereinafter reffered to as "Terms and Conditions") valid from 30.03.2016.

1. Introductory provisions

Terms and conditions of chorvatsko-levne.cz, s.r.o.., are valid for all tourism services, the services of the travel agency chorvatsko-levne.cz, s.r.o.., ID: 27285103, based in Ústí nad Labem, Tovární 1737/32, Postal Code 400 01, Czech Republic, registered at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, Section C, File 22556, hereinafter reffered to as TA and is an integral part of the Contract for the provision of tourism services (travel contract, hereinafter reffered to as"Contract"), the Contract concluded between the customer and TA. TA customer can be either a natural person or artificial person (in thecase of a artificial person means a person in accordance with the law), in whose favor the Contract with the TA was signed.

2. Participants on contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the customer and the TA is formed on the basis of Contracts. The legal relationship between the customer and CA are governed by the Act No. 159/1999 Coll., On certain conditions of business activities in tourism, as amended, pursuant to § 2521 et seq. Law no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code in the effective wording, contract and these conditions. The contract may be concluded directly with the TA.

Persons under 15 years old can participate TA services only if they are accompanied by a person over 18 and with the consent of the legal guardian. Persons aged 15 to 18 years old can participate TA services only with the consent of their legal guardian.

3. Establishment of contractual relationships and Contract

3.1 The contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the customer and the travel agency chorvatsko-levne.cz s.r.o. (Hereinafter referred to as "TA") is created by a conclusion of travelContract (Hereinafter referred to as "Contract"), its confirmation by TA and advanced payment of the deposit. The Contract is valid for all the other persons listed on it. Client is liable for his obligations as well as for obligations of allthe party. If the client is a minor, the Contract is undersigned by their legal representative.If the amount for booked services stated in Payment notice is not paid in time or the signed travel Contract is not delivered on the specified date, TA is entitled to withdraw from the Contract without previous notice and not provide services and reserve them.

3.2 Conclusion of Contract

The draft of Contractis submitted from TA to the customer. After signing the Contractby the customer and confirmation of the ContractwillTA receive 1 copy of the Contract the customer and 1 copy for TA.

With signing the customer also confirms that he is familiar with the main characteristics of the services provided by TA. Entering into a Contract with CA customer also acknowledges, even for persons who will benefit contracted services, that he is not aware of any restrictions, whether medical or otherwise, that would prevent the participants agreed to participate in the services, or that would require during the execution of services special care, or that the customer should notify TA.

Conclusion of the Contract the customer confirms that he is known content of the Contract, and that he agrees with the Terms nad conditions. The content of travel Contract is determined according to the rates, additional offers of the TA, general conditions and eventually special conditions attached to the Contract.

4. Price and payment services

Services included in the price are listed on the menu that is presented in written form to the client after the specification of its requirements. Every customer gets in writing an offer of services. On the website in the price list are only indicative prices of accommodation. Stay rate includes only accommodation.

TA do not provide meals and other services. TA will provide you with detailed information about the possibilities of providing additional services, or can send you offers of partners (domestic and foreign). These services can then be purchased through us directly at our partners or in the place of residence from a particular service. Stay rate, which is not included in the price, is the customer obliged to pay on-site to owners. Most lodgings that CA offers, have the price of stay rate already included in the price of accommodation. Only for certain objects is requisite pay the stay rateseparately in the place of accommodation after arrival. This information is always mentioned in the offer made in writing, and these are included in the respective capacities on websites TA. In the case of non-compliance due date for Call of payment or pay less than the amount specified in the Call for payment, the TA may withdraw from the Contract.

5. Payment Terms

The customer agrees to pay a deposit to cover the TA prices of services set out in the written offer. Method and date of payment will always be listed in the Call for payment, while submitting the draft Contract to the customer. Advance payment of the service is calculated from the total price of renderedservices. Surcharge to be paid either to the owner at the destination immediately upon arrival on the basis of the booking confirmation that you receive an advance payment, or when booking the stay on the premises for which it is necessary to pay the total amount of our TA per stay, to be paid a deposit of 50 % of the total price. The remaining 50 % must be paid no later than 35 days before arrival. If you order in less term than 35 days before the date of arrival, you will be charged 100% of the price at once. After receipt of the draft Contract and signed customer agreement confirms CA (signs) and a copy sends to the customer. Payment of the price of services the customer is obliged to perform under variable symbol given in the Call for payment.

The customer's right to receive services TA arises when full payment of services. If the customer fails to fulfill this obligation, the TA is entitled to withdraw from the Contract. In this case, the TA is entitled to compensation and severance pay under these conditions, see Article 11 of this Contract.

6. The rights and obligations of TA

6.1 TA is required:

provide customer services by negotiated Contracts, properly and truthfully inform the client of all the relevant facts relating to the Contracted services that are important for the client and which are known TA. Properly inform the customer of any changes in the provided services, immediately refund to the Client one copy of the signed Contract after having received from a customer draft Contract signed by him and the advance on payment services, after advance payment or the total price (if the client pays 100% of the Our TA) for the services specified in the Contract to provide the customer by mail or e-mail with all the information and documents necessary for pumping the Contracted services, namely:

Confirmation of reservation, which shows the customer in the place of use services, with the following details: name and surname of the customer, the number of adults and number of children separately by age category, date of arrival and departure, the name of the object, the object owner's name, phone number of the owner / responsible person, address of object, specification paid services, its financial contribution and summary charges.

Guidelines on the road - Itinerary. If a customer finds irregularities in the above instructions, warn them to TA.

6.2 TA is especially entitled to:

- under the conditions set out in these terms and conditions agreed to change the terms of services,

- under the conditions set out in these terms and conditions of withdraw from the Contract,
not to grant financial compensation in the event that the customer does not receive its own guilt Contracted services.

7. The rights and obligations of the customer

7.1 The customer has the right to:

for proper provision of Contracted and paid services, require the TA information that is known TA, and relating to Contracted services, the right to be informed about any changes in Contracted services, at any time before commencement of service to withdraw from the Contract, the right to claim defects services and its execution in accordance with applicable law and these conditions, the right to protection of personal data and information on travel destinations that are included in the Contract to unauthorized persons.

7.2 The Customer is required:

- provide to TA assistance as needed to the appropriate provision of services, especially truthfully and completely state the TA data required for a recording Contract, including any changes to such data and present documents according to their TA requirements, ensuring that persons under 15 years accompanied and supervised by an adult participant, ensuring appropriate accompaniment and supervision of persons whose medical condition requires it, provide a certified TA parental consent if the customer is older than 15 and younger than 18 years of service draws without accompaniment and supervision, children traveling companion report, even if that does not pay the cost of their stay, report any change in the person of the participant in the Contract,

- TA agreed price to pay for the services under the Contract, make sure all paid services are listed in the booking confirmation,

- on arrival at the accommodation present owner of the property or a person authorized to check the booking confirmation and pay surcharges therein under Contract,

- receive from TA documents necessary for obtaining services and attend at the scheduled time for the beginning at the place of using the services with all the required documents,

- act so as not to cause damage to people and property at the expense of other customers or suppliers of services and, if damage occurs, this at their own expense to remove, to respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the country in which the customer travels, to secure valid travel documents, including visas and other elements needed for traveling to a particular destination (e.g . medical certificates, vaccinations, etc.). For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (www.mzv.cz),

- to follow information material of the TA, which specifies the conditions for drawing services,

- ensure the timely and proper fulfillment of any claims against the TA or service suppliers under these conditions, in case of any defects in the use of services by telephone immediately inform the TA procedure according to Article 13 of these conditions, in case of withdrawal from the Contract customer announce his resignation in writing to TA and severance pay under these conditions, if they arose to TA.

8. Accommodation

Accommodation is always ensured only for the number of persons agreed in the Contract and specified in the confirmation of the reservation. If customers want compared concluded Contract in place to accommodate more people or animals, is the owner or an authorized person may refuse a person or animal in addition, or stay in the building for an additional fee.

9. Arrival and Departure

Check the customer to the building housing would be held between 15.00 am and 20.00 pm (unless otherwise stated on the booking confirmation) on the opening day pumping services. On the day of the termination of services the customer leaves the unit between 09.00-10.00 hours. If the customer should arrive after 20.00 pm, you must promptly inform the property owner or a person authorized (contact statedin the booking confirmation), or employees of TA.

10. Changing the terms of the agreement

If, for objective reasons, before you start using the services to change terms of the Contract, the customer may propose a change TA Contract. If the proposed amendment to the Contractleads to change the price of the service, thenthe new pricemust belistedin the draft. If TA proposes to change the Contract, the customer has the right to withdraw from the Contract or not. If the customer within the time specified TA (which shall not be less than five days from receipt of the proposal theContract) the Contract does not withdraw, and this withdrawal does not deliver CA, it is considered that he agrese with the change in the Contract.

Before using the services a customer can notify in writing the TA that the Contracted services instead attend other person specified in the notice. The date of receipt of this notice TA, this person mentioned in the notice becomes a TA customer. The notice shall include a statement of the new customer that this customer agrees with the Contract. Original and new customer shall be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the Contracted services.

In case that a customer wants to make a change in these services (change of date, number of persons, payment, etc.) must to notify TA in writing or by e-mail. For each change od services after exposure the request for payment. the customer is obliged to pay the TA handling fee of 200, - CZK (valid for changes made less than 30 days prior to arrival), changes 29 days to 1 day prior to arrival for a fee 500, - CZK. For one change is considered, even more change services(e.g. change the date and number of persons) made in one proposal to change service. Changing the service shall be agreed only if the change TA confirms the customer in writing or by e-mail, and the customer will pay the handling fee for the change (if the customer is required to pay the processing fee).

In the event that a change in these services is increasing prices for services, the amendment shall be confirmed when the call CA will the customer pay the difference in price. When the change of servicescauses the of payment will TA inform the customer. If there is a new Contract, payments made under the original Contract are considered as payments under the new Contract.

Reducing the number of reserved accomodation units or change the object is considered to be withdrawal.

11. Withdrawal from the Contract

11.1 TA may withdraw from the Contract with the customer:

a) for reasons of termination options provide the ordered services for objective reasons.
In case of termination of TA services for objective reasons, can TA absolve liability from damage to the customer due to cancellation of services only if the services were cancelleddue to unavoidable event that TA could not prevent nor with all the efforts that can be TA require.

b) for breach of Contract by the customer.
If TA withdraws from the Contract before commencement of the Services by the Customer for breach of obligations of the customer, the customer is obliged to pay compensation set TA and listed in Article 11 these conditions. The difference between the amount the TA from the client for the services received, and this severance payment, the customer will be refunded.

11.2 The Customer may withdraw from the Contract at any time as provided in the Contract or under the following conditions:

a) does not agree with the change of TA services proposed for objective reasons.
If the customer withdraws from the Contract because he did not agree with the change proposed by the TA services for objective reasons, the customer has the right to require that the TA offeres under the new Contractother services in the quality corresponding to the original Contract, if has TA the possibility to offer these services. If no conclusion of any new Contracts, TA is obliged to refund the customer the full amount paid by TA.

b) by reason of infringement TA.
If the customer withdraws from the Contract for breach of the obligations TA established by Contract or in the Act No. 159/1999 Coll., TA is obliged to give the customer back the entire amount paid TA. The customer's right to compensation is not affected.

c) for any other reason or no reason.
If the customer withdraws from the Contract in other cases, the TA is obliged to pay compensation in accordance with Article 12 of these conditions.
Withdrawal from the Contract by the customer or the TA must be made in writing by letter or e-mail and is effective delivery to the other side.

12. Severance pay

12.1 In the event of withdrawal by the customer or TA, when there is an obligation to the customer under these terms and severance pay TA. This severence pay, for its calculation is the effective date, when the written withdrawal was delivered to the other party, is specified in the following amounts:

- withdraw from the Contract within 90 days before the beginning of drawingservices 20% of the total price in the Contract, but at least 1500, - CZK,

- withdrawal from 89 to 60 days before the start of drawingservices 30% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal from 59 to 30 days before the start of drawingservices 50% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal from 29 to 14 days before the beginning of the use of services 70% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal from 13-7 days before the beginning of drawingservices 80% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal 6 and 0 days before the beginning of the use of services 100% of the total price of the Contract.

In the case of services, which include accommodation in lighthouses / robinzonades,

- withdraw from the Contract within 90 days before the beginning of drawingservices 20% of the total price in the Contract, but at least 1500, - CZK,

- withdrawal from 89 to 60 days before the start of drawingservices 30% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal from 59 to 30 days before the start of drawingservices 50% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal from 29 to 15 days before the beginning of the use of services 75% of the total price of the Contract,

- withdrawal from 14-0 days before the beginning of the use of services 100% of the total price of the Contract.

13. Complaint Services

In case of any deficiencies in the provision of services or of damage to the customers of the merged drawing service requires, that the customer to these shortcomings promptly pointed the owner or a person authorized by him (as indicated in the confirmation of the reservation). If this person takes not corrective action, the customer is obliged to inform about the situation by telephone the TA. TA shall take appropriate steps to remedy the situation, or securing alternative accommodation in the nearest appropriate facility.

Only immediate notice to the shortcomings of services may lead to their removal. Time delay in filing a complaint hinders objectivity and relevance of the assessment and the possibility of its proper execution. If the TA does not duly and timely their obligations to customers under Contract or law No. 159/1999 Coll., the customer rights arising therefrom applied to TA without undue delay, but no later than three months after the end of pumping services, respectively in the case, where services have not taken place in the period ending three months from the date, when services under the Contract should terminate, otherwise the client's rights expire.

TA's liability for damage caused by the breach of a legal obligation may be relieved, if TA proves that such damage was not caused alone TA or other TA Contracted suppliers of tourism services within the agreed services and the damage was caused by:

- customer,

- third party who was not involved in the prior agreement of the TA service,
event that the TA could not avert neither spent effort, which is required on it.

In accordance with § 14 of Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, we inform customers about the possibility of solving any disputes arising from contracts with chorvatsko-levne.cz, Ltd., through an entity court settlement of consumer disputes, which the Czech trade inspection, Central Inspectorate - ADR department, located at Štěpánská 567/15, Praha 2, 120 00, www.coi.cz Internet address, email: adr@coi.cz

14. Other Provisions


Due to the particular climatic conditions in certain areas, and thus related to the existence of various fauna is the potential occurrence of unpleasant insects on the premises of the facility. Despite active approach accommodation providers can not exclude the presence of insects. If this occurs, it must be immediately addressed to the owner or to inform employees in the CA. After the service is eventually redress and hypotheticalcompensation excluded.

Beaches, sea

TA is not responsible for any beach or sea pollution due to weather or other unforeseen reasons. If pollution is the result of human activity, it is necessary to choose the procedures in accordance with the provisions of Article 13.

Air conditioning / heating

The presence of the device is always clearly stated in the description of the accommodation unit, otherwise it can not be assumed its presence. Functionality and control are the responsibility of the administrators of individual devices.

Domestic order and peace of the night

All clients are required to comply with the house rules and the silence of the night, if you fail to comply, the owner may without compensation to expel clients from the apartment. TA in this case does not bear any responsibility towards its clients.
The holiday includes evening entertainment, restaurants, bars, etc., which may cause noise. This noise does not diminish the quality of service and can not be claimed. Deployment of capabilities in writing to the resort is expressed in the text and marked on the map. In the case of certain preferences (e.g. rest), contact the TA, TA will advise you on specific capacity.


CA is not responsible for the opportunity to enter and bathing of pets on the beach, provides the only pets accomodation allowed in apartments, where it is stated on the website.


Service of swimming pools (opening hours, heating, lifeguard services, etc.) are the full responsibility of the administrator facility.

15. Special provisions

Customer agrees to use of his personal data in accordance with § 5 section 2 of Act No 101/2000 Coll., specified in the order or Contract, including their name and surname, date of birth, address, or other contact address, phone, e-mail, for the needs of TA, for the purpose of receiving offers of services in tourism to customer, either in writing or electronic mail. Information about e-mail can CA also collect and process for the necessary dissemination of commercial communications by Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on certain services of the information society, as amended. The personal customer information will be processed in the above-mentioned range by TA or by processor automatically or manually in electronic and printed form.

Personal data provided to the TA or to its authorized processor is TA authorized according to § 6 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. process and collect over a period of 5 years. After this time, the CA shall dispose of personal provided information. The customer also declares that it is empowered to and hereby grants permission according to § 5 paragraph 2 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. also on behalf of other persons specified in the order or Contract, theirs data the customer for the purpose of ensuring the TA services provides.

Consent to the processing of personal data can the customer or the person, whose personal data of customers TA provided, whenever withdraw in writing. Customer also can refuse to consent to the use of e-mail addresses for sending individual messages by Act No. 480/2004 Coll., as amended.

TA will ensure processing of the personal data so that the customer or the person, whose personal data of customers supplied TA, not suffer injury to their rights and will ensure the protection of personal data from unauthorized access. The customer has the right of access to personal data, the right to correct personal data, as well as the rights according to § 21 of the Act No. 101/2002 Coll., as amended.

Provided accommodation services conform the description on the website. Due to the volume of manually entered data, however, travel agency chorvatsko-levne.cz s.r.o.don't guarantee 100 % correctness and accuracy of all information on the site. For the customer is binding information, which he receives in the travel Contract and travel instructions sent by the travel agency.

16. Copyright

The information and all materials published on the website of TA are intended for customers for their personal non-commercial use. It is forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, display, perform, publish or sell without the consent of the copyright owner. TA website also contains links to websites of other persons whose activity does not TA effect. These links are provided only as one of the information sources and their content does not match the TA.

17. Final provisions

These conditions come into force and effect on 30.3. 2016, and that date shall expire previous conditions. All information and instructions that constitute a firm record content of these General Terms and conditions comply with the applicable laws and all the facts known and available at the time of preparation. TA reserves the right to change and update. These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Contract concluded with the customer. They are freely available and to them can also be obtained, if necessary, any other necessary information.

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