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Unconventional holiday in Croatia

How to book a tour?

The whole process of booking the accommodation, tour and other services on the website www.chorvatsko-levne.cz is very easy and short. You can find brief instructions to make a reservation here. Feel free to contact our client service for further information and an immediate help.

Finding a tour

Every customer can go to www.robinzonada.cz or www.chorvatsko-levne.cz where he/she can find and tentatively book unlimited number of services either by e-mail (the available form), by phone/ skype or by mail. To be able to contact you on time, we would like to ask you to complete the form carefully and to fill it in with the correct e-mail address and phone number which can be used to contact you.

After receiving the customer´s tentative order, the travel agent will first check the available capacity of the tour in the organizing travel agency or partner, and then he/ she will inform the customer about the result. We will contact you the same day. If you book a service (a tour, e.g.) after our working hours, we will contact you the following working day. In case of dealing with your booking during the seasonal peak we would like to ask you for patience. The reservation systems of our partners are very busy at that moment and therefore the necessary time for processing your order can be longer than usually. The “Last Minute” tours are usually proceeded preferentially. For one customer we can only make one reservation with one travel agency. If one customer sends more orders, we first deal with orders that are marked as “priority”. If the customer does not mark the bookings, the travel agent deals with them according to the order they were received in. Once the reservation is successfully completed, the travel agent does not do another check of the capacity and informs the customer instead.

If the tour which you chose is not available, the travel agent will contact the customer and suggest other suitable options that will correspond the most to the original order.


If the tour you chose is not available and the order has all requirements, the travel agent will make an preliminary reservation of the tour in the customer´s name. In case of a reservation made by the client himself/ herself through the reservation system of the represented company, he/ she will receive the answer directly from this company. The preliminary reservation usually takes a few days, in case of the “Last Minute” tours usually a couple hours, and the reservation is not binding for you. Immediately after making the reservation, the travel agent will contact the customer and inform him/ her about the duration of the reservation and total price of the tour. During the reservation period the customer must decide whether he/ she will book the tour or not. Your reservation will automatically expire when its validity ends, and the available places will be offered to next customers. In case of your real interest, it is therefore necessary to take all steps to enter into the Travel Contract within the period of validity of the reservation.

Travel Contract

The necessary steps to enter into the Travel Contract are following: completion of all details necessary to enter into the Travel Contract, confirmation of the Travel Contract by the travel agency, payment of the tour deposit. The customer is obliged to pay the additional payment of the total price of the tour at the latest 35 days before he/ she starts to use the services agreed in the Travel Contract.

If you decide to book services or a tour, you should provide the travel agent with all the details necessary for completion of the Travel Contract (sometimes also the application for the tour). The travel agent will send the completed Travel Contract by e-mail, fax or mail to the customer, together with confirmation of the travel agency insolvency insurance, general terms and conditions of the travel agency and payment methods. The contract sent by e-mail or fax has the same legal validity as the original sent by mail. The customer will check the contract (please do read carefully the received documents, Travel Contract and General Terms and Conditions, e.g.) and he/ she might add some information about passengers, and then he/ she will send the signed contract by fax or e-mail to the travel agency and enclose the payment confirmation. The customer confirms with his/ her signature the correctness of details in the Travel Contract and also agrees with the general terms and conditions and with the fact that he/ she received all enclosures, which are part of the Travel Contract. After receiving the signed Travel Contract and once the payment is made into the account of the travel agency, the travel agent sends the Travel Contract to the organizing travel agency to get it confirmed. The contract becomes binding at the moment of its confirmation by the organizing travel agency. If the travel agency does not confirm the Contract, which is a rare case, the travel agency will immediately refund all customer´s payments. However, the customer is not entitled to the compensation of the damage.

The travel agency is not responsible for consequences of delayed reception of the signed Travel Contract, neither is responsible for consequences of uncorrect completion of details in the Travel Contract.

The travel agency has a right to correction of possible inaccuracy due to typing error or a mistake made while entering the data into the system. The travel agency has also a right to refuse uncomplete or confusing orders (missing phone number, e.g.), even without informing the customer.

Our travel agency offers tours for the same price as the organizing travel agency, including all discounts, loyalty bonuses, action benefits etc.


The amount of money for the service (tour, e.g.) must be put into the account:

Other payment methods are:

  • pay in cash in the bank
  • post money order type C
  • invoice

Variable symbol = Travel Contract number must always be used

We would like to emphasize that for a binding reservation it is necessary to pay 50 % of the total tour price. The next 50 % must be paid at the latest 35 days before the start of your tour. If you buy the “Last Minute“ tour within the period shorter than one month before the departure, it is necessary to make a lump-sum payment of the total price together with signing the Travel Contract.

Between signing up and departure

After receiving the Travel Contract with confirmation of the payment you will be contacted again, and reception of these documents including the payment will be confirmed. You will receive a service voucher and departure instructions after the payment of total price for ordered services. The accommodation voucher and departure instructions will be sent by mail or e-mail to the address you completed in your Travel Contract. By agreement, you can also receive these documents at the stall at the airport before your flight or on a bus before its departure. Particularly in case of “Last Minute“ tours, there is usually no other solution. Please read the departure instructions carefully and if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Please check the validity of your passports and all details in your accommodation voucher before the departure.

We wish you a lovely holiday!

Did you not choose anything from our offer?

We will be happy to help you. Please contact us by e-mail: info@chorvatsko-levne.cz, inform us about your requirements, priorities and ideas you have while preparing your holiday. We will do our best to provide you with such services which will answer all your needs.

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