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In the middle of the southern side of the island of Lastovo, at the entrance to the bay of Skrivena Luka lies the Cape of Struga where the lighthouse of the same name was built in 1839.
The lighthouse Struga lies at the height of 70 m, at the very edge of a steep cliff that offers a splendid view of the open sea. The total capacity is 14 persons divided in four apartments for 2-5 persons.
Swimming area with deep waters that belongs to the lighthouse can be found at the bottom of the lighthouse driveway and is surrounded by pine trees. You can also go swimming on splendid rocky beaches in some of the numerous secluded bays where waters are relatively shallow. The beaches are suitable for children.
Transfer to he island of Lastovo can be made by ferry or catamaran from Split. Boats arrive in the port of Ubli, some 20 km from the lighthouse. The ferry trip takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes, while the catamaran trip takes an hour less. There is a gravel road leading to the lighthouse. If you are traveling without car, transfer to the lighthouse can be arranged with the lighthouse keeper at extra charge.
Several food stores are situated in Lastovo (12 km away). If you are traveling without car, the lighthouse keeper can purchase provisions if necessary. There are several restaurants on the island.
An unbelievable, yet true story is about a giant lobster. The giant lobster weighted just under eighteen kilograms and was caught in a fishing net at the end of the nineteenth century. The fishermen sent it to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, who thanked them by sending them a large trunk of coffee and sugar. In the 1950st, coral divers pulled out a coral weighing 45 kilograms at the same location by using a special device. According to records, this is the largest coral tree that has ever been pulled out of the Adriatic. Magnificent views and easy access to the sea through the pine woods on the northern side of the lighthouse make Struga a very popular tourist destination.

Equipment and availability

TV Parking Accessible by car On the island By car to the plot Parking by the entrance (5 m)

Accommodation units

Apartment A2 for 2 persons - approx. 34 m², one double room (12 m²), kitchen (12 m²), ante room (6,5 m²), shower-washroom (3,75 m²).
Apartment A3 for 2-3 persons - approx. 36 m², one double room (13,2 m²), kitchen with sofa (12,9 m²), ante room (4,5 m²), shower-washroom (5,4 m²).
Apartment A4 for 4-5 persons - approx. 49 m², two double rooms (12 and 15 m²), kitchen (15 m²), in living room is extra bed for 1 person, and shower-washroom (5 m²).
Apartment A5 for 4-5 persons - approx. 57 m², two double rooms (14 and 13 m²), room with sofa (9 m²), kitchen (17 m²) and bathroom (3 m²).
Lighthouse Struga
Lighthouse Struga
Lighthouse Struga
Lighthouse Struga
Lighthouse Struga
Lighthouse Struga
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Lighthouse Struga

Parking by the entrance5 m

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