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Bay Golubovac - island Rava | 5 m from the beach | 1 x 10 osob 

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Accommodation Holiday cottage Solitudo

Holiday cottage Solitudo for 5-10 persons is situated in a quiet place in a beautiful bay Golubovac on the island Rava, which belongs to a group of north-dalmatians islands. The house is hidden in an olive grove and is almost undetectable from the sea. The nearest neighbors on the mainland are about 2 km away from the house, and on the neighboring island Dugi otok the closest place is Luka located approximately 3 km away, from which goes the transfer to the bay Golubovac. On the island Rava in the place Vela Rava is a post office, a well stocked shop and restaurant. Island Rava is connected to the mainland by ferry (Zadar - Iž - Rava, the drive takes about 3 hours) and catamaran (Zadar - Rava, the drive takes about 1,5 hours). Given the location of the house, which is best accessed by sea, we recommend our guests to hire a boat from the host to make it easier to go to town shopping and visit the nearby islands Dugi otok and Iž. In the bay in front of the house is a stone pear used for mooring a boat or enter the sea for swimming. The beach is a natural pebble stone beach, and partial covered with fine sand.
House Solitudo regardless their position, is very well equipped. Energy is generated through solar panels, in the house is an adapter that can connect a laptop or a charger for mobile phone (mobile signal is available). The water in the kitchen and the bathroom for shower is rainwater that collects in an water tank and for drinking we recommend to use bottled water. For toilet flushing is used sea water which has to be beingt by buckets. Guests have at their disposal in front of the house deck chairs for rest and sunbathing.
Pets are not allowed in the house.
Guests arriving by car can get a ferry to Dugi otok and their vehicle in the place Luka from which they will have an arranged transfer to the house (transfer for an extra fee). If arrive more than 5 persons who have a lot of luggages then the housekeepers have to go twice to the bay (extra fee is paid twice in that case). Gusts also can come by ferry to the island of Rava and drive the car (only 4x4 and if conditions are favorable) by a dirt road throw the wood just to the point above the defence of the house but approach to the house is to only possible by walking 10-15 min) through a wide stone wall and is not suitable for carrying belongings and luggage. Guests are recommended coming across island Dugi otok as the best and easiest way to access the house.

Equipment and availability

Grill Parking Beach (5 m) Center (3 km) Store (3 km) Harbour (3 km) Boat Accessible by car On the island Distance from beach (5 m) Accommodation without the presence of the own Pets

Accommodation units

Holiday cottage Solitudo is intended for -10 persons - in front of the house is a spacious terrace overlooking the sea. Terrace leads into a spacious living room with kitchen and dining area. Refrigerator with freezer is working on a solar, cooker is on gas. The guests have on the terrace a barbecue and bread oven at their disposal. There are two bedrooms, one with double bed and one with bunk bed. In the dining room can be accommodate another single bed. The bathroom has a bath with running water from the water tank. The toilet is flushed wit sea water broght in buckets. beside the house is another terrace with the water tank from wich is the entrance to the attic which has its own separate entrance behind the building accessible from the outside. Attic space is separated from the ground floor with the wooden floor and the roof is not isolated, but this space can also be used as an extra bedroom with six single beds for a larger family or large group of friends. In this part of the house there is no bathroom or kitchen.
Holiday cottage Solitudo
Holiday cottage Solitudo
Holiday cottage Solitudo
Holiday cottage Solitudo
Holiday cottage Solitudo
Holiday cottage Solitudo
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Holiday cottage Solitudo

Beach5 m

Center3 km

Store3 km

Harbour3 km

Distance from beach5 m

Route tips

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Term of accommodation

  • ██ - Occupied day
  • ██ - Reservation may be released

Rental price for 1 accommodation unit per night in EUR.

20221. 1.
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Apartment A5108120168205168120108
Apartment A5+3132156216265216156132
Apartment A5+5156180252325252180156
Children from 0-2 yearsfree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Extra bedfree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Tourist tax1.
Tourist tax Kids 12-18 Years0.
Sea view
Boat rental30303030303030
Return boat transfer (up to 5 persons)65656565656565
Berthfree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of chargefree of charge
Minimum stay44710744

Mandatory surcharge (payable locally)

Tourist tax: 10 HRK/day

Tourist tax Kids 12-18 Years: 5 HRK/day

  • ✓ - In price included
  • NO - Not possible to order

Basic rental price of accommodation units refers to the number of people who are not listed in the brackets. Accommodation type indicates the maximum possible number of people in the unit. Rental price for persons enrolled in the brackets will be charged by the cost of en extra bed.

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