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Vrana lake

Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Vrana Lake Nature Park is its area of ​​30 square kilometers the largest natural freshwater lake in Croatia. Vrana Lake was created by flooding the field of karst groundwater. Vrana Lake is an example of cryptodepression because the lake level is above sea level and the ground of the lake is under the sea level.
The lake is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of elevated land with a width of 13 km. Is associated with the sea about 800 meters long channel Prosika. Part of the natural water flows through underground channels into the Gulf of Pirovac (Pirovački zaljev).
Vrana Lake is a deep from 2 to 6 m, 14 km long and an average of about 2 km wide. It is situated near the Adriatic highway about halfway between the historic towns of Zadar and Sibenik.
The best access to the lake is from the holiday resort of Pakostane or town of Vrana in inland. Nearby is also a popular resort town of Biograd na moru.
Lovers of fishing are wowed, because in this brackish water live marine and freshwater fish, how example carp, pike, catfish and eel. Only with the exception of the ornithological reserve can you catch fish on the shore of the lake year round. The local tourist office or tourist office in the Association is able to rent a boat and buy fishing permits for one day or longer.
In the northwest part of the lake is situated one of the most famous ornithological reserves in Croatia, the importance of reaching the European level. To this day there were 241 kinds of birds, of which 102 species nest in the park.

Practical information

Recommendation: do not leave valuables in the cars, do not carry them to the beach, lock the accommodation units and close the windows before you leave, follow the traffic rules, especially in smaller towns and drive cautiously when it rains.

Koupání a pláže Vrana lake

The main beach of Vrana lake is situated next to the camp, near the interesting and picturesque village of Vrana. Swimming is possible at any place of Vrana Lake, we recommend a visit to a narrow channel Prosika where you can use the port for boats and smaller boats and relax with a picnic. Pebble beach are situated in Pakostane about 2 km.

Traffic information Vrana lake

Airport Zadar - tel.: +385 23 205 800
web: www.airport-zadar.hr
Croatia Airlines - Zadar - tel.: +385 23 250 101
web: www.croatiaairlines.com
Main Bus station Zadar - tel.: +385 23 311 086
Main Bus station Biograd - tel.: +385 23 383 022
Ferry - Jadrolinija Biograd - tel.: +385 23 38 45 89
web: www.jadrolinija.hr
HAK - Croatian Auto club - tel.: +385 1 987
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