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Croatia, Istria

Savudrija, an old fishing village and summer resort, is the front door of the Umag Riviera. Already during the Austrian rule, there are Favreto guesthouses, Paludetto and Alla Posta inn, and rooms are rented. The construction of the Grazer Anna Kinderspital Marine Health Resort (1908), which the municipality of Graz built for children from Styria, was of particular tourist importance, although children from other parts of Austria also came there. God. In 1925, the Gamboc guesthouse (Ivan Gamboč and son Karlo) was built, today My Peace. Along with quality natural features (accessible rocky coast, clean sea, pleasant summer temperature of sea and air), the rich cultural and historical heritage of Savudrija and its surroundings contributes equally to the development of resort tourism. A variety of accommodation is available to guests: bungalows, bungalows, apartments, rooms, camping.

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