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Welcome to the small tourist place Pakostane near Biograd. Pakostane are built on the coast in a wide bay. The southwest coast is sharply immersed in the sea, in the northwest is the romantic bay of St. Andrew, in the southeast is the largest bay of Kranje.
Pakostane is the old part by the sea, and the new part by the highway. The picturesque port in Pakostane is protected by the islands of Veli Skolj, Sv Justina and Babuljas. Due to its location in the heart of the Adriatic coast, this location makes this small Dalmatian town ideal for visiting the natural beauty of Croatian parks. The surrounding sea is surrounded by islands belonging to the Kornati National Park, a Croatian paradise for boaters and small boat owners.

South, about 3 km away, is the magical island of Vrgada with its sandy and pebble beaches. The island can be reached by regular boat line.
Not far from Pakostane, in the direction of Šibenik, there is another gem and one of the most interesting rivers of the Croatian karst, the Krka National Park. A popular place that offers beautiful nature, diverse vegetation, waterfalls, clear blue lakes and wild rapids.  Vrana Lake is a true paradise for fishing lovers. For active vacation lovers, we recommend a bike path along the lake.
Thanks to the close proximity of Zadar and Split airports, you can visit this attractive destination whenever you miss the beauty of the Adriatic Riviera, the irresistible scent of wild grasses and crickets singing in the shade of pine trees. The Mediterranean atmosphere of the Pakostane tourist settlement and the proximity of the larger cities of Zadar and Biograd, as well as the beautiful sea in which the Zadar islands are located, are sufficient reasons to visit the pleasant Pakostane tourist settlement.


27 °C
  • Pressure: 1008 hPa
  • Humidity: 61 %
  • Wind: 4 m/s
  • UV index: 0
29 °C
21 °C
29 °C
20 °C
28 °C
18 °C
28 °C
18 °C
29 °C
18 °C

History and monuments

Once a Roman town, inhabited from 2,000 years BC, which stood on the territory of today's Pakostane, was supplied with water from the nearby Lake Vrana, which was brought by an aqueduct. Thanks to this, you can find the remains of ancient settlements and villas, a breakwater or the remains of a Roman aqueduct in several places, especially in the Crkvine area. The village of Vrana, located northwest of the lake, offers the remains of a turbulent past. Maskovica han, a Turkish coaching inn from the 17th century, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting monuments of Islamic architecture in this area. It was built here by the Turkish vizier Yusuf Maskovic. In this area are also the remains of a medieval castle of the Templar order, later the monastery of the Johanites, which was the site of many important battles. From the nearby area, we also recommend a visit to the 3 km distant island of Vrgada, about which is the first surviving record from the mid-10th century, under the name Lumbrikaton. Here stands the pre-Romanesque church of St. Andrija from the 9th century or the parish church of the Holy Trinity. Remains of square towers and ruins of walls have been preserved near the local cemetery. These are probably the remains of ancient and later medieval fortifications. 8 km from Pakostane, towards Zadar, in the town of Biograd na Moru, there is then the possibility of visiting the local museum with ancient and medieval exhibits that document its rich history.

Swimming and beach Pakostane

The village of Pakostane boasts landscaped beaches, especially rocky-sandy and pebble, with gradual access to the sea.
In the northern part of Pakostane is the beach Pilatusa, which is both sandy and pebble and rocky with many bays and shade of pine trees.
Closer to the center is the beach Buzakovina, suitable for families with children, because they will appreciate the loose sand and shoals, which children can play safely. Punta Beach is also popular with families with children due to its sandy shore and bottom. On part of the beach are concrete slabs.
In the very center is the beach Janica 1, which is partly paved and partly sandy. Loose sand ideal for children is also in the sea.
Janica 2 is a long pebble beach for those who like quiet bays outside the crowded beaches.
In the vicinity you can use several smaller bays, which will provide you with plenty of privacy in the shade of large pine forests. A regular boat line will take you to the North Dalmatian island of Vrgada, 3 km away, where you can swim in the clear blue sea with sandy and pebble beaches. The ship Vrgadinka departs from the main pier in the center of Pakoštane, where you will also find a timetable. If you get tired of swimming in the sea, Vrana Lake, which is located 7 km in the direction of Pakostane by the coastal highway, offers a change. The main beach can be found right next to the campsite, near the picturesque village of Vrana. Pleasant refreshment is offered by local restaurants. From the most interesting places around Lake Vrana, we also recommend the narrow Prosika canal, where you can use the harbor for boats and small boats and also relax at a picnic or bathe.

Sports offer

Pakostane offers ideal conditions not only for lovers of water sports. A varied palette offers diving courses with  instructors. All-day, single-dive and night boat trips for diving. Underwater fishing and fishing on the neighboring freshwater lake Vrana, windsurfing, yachting, jet skis, beach volleyball. The town also offers other sports: beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis. Recently, cycle paths have been built, with picnic tables and bathing places, around Lake Vrana. We choose from the surrounding area: trekking, horseback riding, bungee jumping, speleology, horseback riding, quad biking.

Traffic information Pakostane

Airport Zadar - tel.: +385 23 205 800, web: www.airport-zadar.hr

Croatia Airlines - Zadar - tel.: +385 23 250 101, web: www.croatiaairlines.com
Main Bus station Zadar - tel.: +385 23 311 086
Main Bus station Biograd - tel.: +385 23 383 022
Ferry - Jadrolinija Biograd - tel.: +385 23 38 45 89, web: www.jadrolinija.hr
HAK - Croatian Auto club - tel.: +385 1 987, web: www.hak.hr
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