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Island Plocica

Croatia, Southern Dalmatia

The island Plocica is placed between the islands of Korcula and Hvar and was named from its interesting shape. Flat and low, it resembles a tile and it is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the Adriatic. The rocky seabed on the southern part of the island is completely different to the shallow sea on the northern side and to its sandy lagoon, where the beaches are ideal for small children.

Swimming and beach Island Plocica

On the north side of the island Plocica is a shallow sea, where is located a small sandy lagoon with a place specially prepared to pull the boats ashore. The local beaches are ideal for small babies.

Sports offer

The sea around the island Plocica belongs to most appealing parts of the Adriatic, is particularly suitable for the operation of sport diving without oxygen cylinders. The local seabed and underwater landscapes are incredibly interesting. By sport fishing on rod can to achieve a rich catch, especially when the fish hunt early morning and late afternoon across the southern part of the island on its western shore.

Island Plocica
Island Plocica
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