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Bay Fortica - island Solta

Croatia, Central Dalmatia

The bay of Fortica is part of the island of Šolta on the coast between the villages of Nečujam and Stomorska.

Stomorska is a village of great sailors who nowadays own touristic boats and are famous for the transportation of wine and lime. Stomorska is now a touristic resort with a lot of little cafés, restaurants, suites and a campsite. Thanks to its interesting location at the foot of the mountains, Stomorska is very attractive for tourists and also very popular among sport fishermen. A catamaran from Split comes to Stomorska twice a week. There is a great offer of fresh fish from local fishermen in the village of Stomorska, and a fish farm is located nearby.

Nečujam is the youngest village on the island of Šolta. It was founded in a place of summer houses and hotels in a bay of the same name, apparently the most beautiful one on the island. Nečujam is a touristic centre of the island and its suites offer a pleasant holiday for a wide range of visitors who come back on a regular basis. It is connected with the other resorts by bus lines. In the neighbourhood of Nečujam, there are amazing bays of Piškera, Maslinica, Podkamenica, Šumpljivina and Tiha.

Šolta is an island in the Central Dalmatia, west of the island of Brač with the ferry connection from the town of Split. With its size of 51,9 km2, Šolta´s highest peak is at 237 m above the sea level. In the West of the island of Šolta, in the bay of Maslinica with a village of the same name, there are other 6 little islands. The main village of Šolta is called Grohote and there you can find a post office, surgery, firemen and a police station. It is worth mentionning other villages on the island of Šolta, such as Donje Selo, Srednje Selo, Gornje Selo and Rogač.


7 °C
  • Pressure: 1019 hPa
  • Humidity: 93 %
  • Wind: 3 m/s
  • UV index: 0
10 °C
7 °C
10 °C
9 °C
11 °C
8 °C
10 °C
8 °C
11 °C
9 °C

Practical information

Tourist information - TZ Solta
Podkuća 8, Grohote, 21430 Solta
Tel.: +385 21 654 657
Fax: +385 21 654 657
E-mail: solta@solta.hr
Web: www.solta.hr/tz/

ATM - Stomorska, Grohote

Post on Šolta
Necujam, tel.: +385 21650110
post office is open only in season
Stomorska, tel.: +385 21658020
Mon-Fri 7am to 2pm
Grohote, tel.: +385 21654124
Mon-Fri 8am to 2pm

Ambulance to the heliport - Podkuća 31, Grohote tel.: 112 or 94
in acute cases, patients are transported to the Split police helicopter or glider.

Pharmacy - Gustirna 15, Grohote, tel.: +385 21654701

Police - Šoltanskih žrtava, Grohote, tel.: 112 or 92

Firefighters - Put brda 2, Grohote, tel.: 112 or 93 or 654

Petrol station - Rogac

Mechanic - Maslinica

Distance from bay Fabrica:
The nearest shop is 2.5 km
The nearest telephone booth 2.5 km
The nearest post office 2.5 km
The nearest exchange office 2.5 km
The nearest petrol station 15.5 km
Nearest town 1 km Stomorska
Distance from highway 2 km
Other options catering restaurant 15 min

History and monuments

The oldest village on the island of Šolta is Stomorska. Some traces dating back to the 17th century were found in the basements of the sanctuary of Virgin Mary of Stomorija (Sv. Maria) or Virgin Mary Pines (Gospe od Bori). Remains of a Roman farm were found in the bay of Piskera and some graves with ceramics and coins were found in its neighbourhood. In the seawater you can still see remains of walls which closed the bay for fishing. Remains of a Roman graveyard are located near the bay of Supetar.

The church of St. Nicholas (crkva Sv. Nikola) is situated in the village of Stomorska, the church of Virgin Mary is in the village of Nečujam.

Swimming and beach Bay Fortica - island Solta

A number of coves in rocks offer pleasant swimming and a cosy rock accommodation with a sufficient privacy. The main pebble beach of the resort of Stomorska is situated in the centre of the village. In Nečujam, there is the biggest beach of the island of Šolta, and it is also a pebble beach. It is regularly maintained and there are plenty of beach snack bars, fast food restaurants and table tennis.

Sports offer

Stomorska: diving school, tennis courts, sailing, windsurfing, underwater fishing, diving, cycling

Necujam: swimming pool, volleyball court

Traffic information Bay Fortica - island Solta

Solta is connected to the mainland by ferry, which runs 6 times per day, or catamaran 2 times a day

Cultural events and evening life

Stomorska is a village with the largest number of cafes on the island of Solta, and also don´t miss the night life. Vacationers can choose among pizzerias and pubs with live music.
Bay Fortica - island Solta
Bay Fortica - island Solta
Bay Fortica - island Solta
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Accommodation Bay Fortica - island Solta

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