Tkon - island Pasman (Croatia, Northern Dalmatia)

Tkon - island Pasman Tkon is a typical fishing village and port, located on the island of Pašman, sometimes referred to as the "Gateway to the Kornati islands. The basic activity of which the population here is engaged in fishing clam from the Pasman channel - these are the shells for which the place got its name - Kun (Tkon).
Municipal and city Tkon was formed 1997th. Area includes the villages Ugrinić and 13 islands, of which the largest Gangaro, Žižanj, Košara and the smallest island Orlic. In the Pasman Channel Islands Planac and Čavatul and the rest on the east by to island Vrgada or southwest to the island of Zut and Kornati. District villages is about 15 km² large.
The island Pašman area 63 km ² belongs to the Zadar archipelago. Created by spliting of island Ugljan and Pasman, Prosika Ždrelac (1883). Now bridged, and both islands are named after villages in the most insular fields. With the mainland thay are connected by ferry lines to Biograd and Zadar. In Tkon lives today about 850 people, mostly Roman Catholic faith, who speak the ikavica dialect - called "hrvacki.

Map Tkon - island Pasman