Podgora (Croatia, Central Dalmatia)

Podgora Podgora is a village and port in the Makarska littoral, 9 km southeast of Makarska. The village has a number of sources of potable water and a medicinal saltwater source called Klokun. Chief occupations include farming, growing of vines and olives, seafaring, fishing and tourism. Podgora is located on the main road (M2, E65). Towers for the purpose of defence against the Turks were built in the 17th and the 18th centuries in the upper part of the village, i.e. in the hamlets of Roscici and Marinovici. The portal at the entrance of the hotel park and the interesting octagonal chapel are the only remains of the Baroque summer residence of the Mrkusic family. The cemetery features mediaeval tombstones and the monument to Mihovil Pavlinovic, a work by Ivan Rendic. On an elevation above the port is a monumental monument representing the wings of a seagull, made in 1962. The new, modern-style church (in the shape of a ship) was erected on the coast after the earthquake in 1962

Map Podgora