Island Zizanj (Croatia, Northern Dalmatia)

The Croatian island of Zizanj belongs to the smallest inhabited islands in the whole Adriatic. The size of the island is almost 1 km2 and the length of coast is 5 km. Žižanj is situated in front of the seashore of the island of Pasman in the North Dalmatia, 30 minutes journey by the ferry from the town of Biograd. The next closest little island is Gangaro which is as small as Zizanj.

There is no car traffic on the island. Those who arrive by car can leave it in a guarded parking in Biograd and then they can continue without the noise of car engine towards their holiday house or suite on Zizanj.

There are no villages on the island of Zizanj but a lot of beautiful separate fishing cottages and holiday houses for rent are there instead. Shops, restaurants and pubs can be found on the neighbouring island of Pasman which can be reached by a motorboat in couple minutes. Pasman is situated about 300 meters north of Zizanj across a channel. That is why a little boat is usually part of equipment of every holiday house and suite on Zizanj. Thanks to this fact, visitors can make trips to the West coast of Pasman to discover a number of nice coves which are normally inaccessible because of their steap shores.

It is possible to observe dolphins who also live in waters around the island. If you decide to visit this small but promising island, you will definitely enjoy your holiday!

Map Island Zizanj