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Villa Golubinka

Villa Golubinka ***+

Central Dalmatia, Bay Zastražišće - Island Hvar, From: 185 €


Holiday house Nina

Holiday house Nina ***

Northern Dalmatia, Bay sv. Ante - island Pasman, From: 80 €

Holiday house Nina for 4-5 persons is placed directly on the sea, in the bay St. Ante on the island of Pasman. The beach is pebble in this ...

Secluded house Lujo

Secluded house Lujo **+

Northern Dalmatia, Bay Stivanja - island Pasman, From: 70 €

Secluded house "Lujo" for 2 people is located on the island of Pasman in the bay of Stivanja, just 30 meters from the sandy beach. ...

Pirate house Saltu

Pirate house Saltu **+

Northern Dalmatia, Bay Magrovica - island Dugi otok, From: 99 €


Holiday house Denis

Holiday house Denis ***+

Northern Dalmatia, Island Iz, From: 53 €

Secluded robinson-house Denis for 7 person is located on the island of Iž, which belongs to the North Dalmatian archipelago, in the place ...

Secluded house Klaudio

Secluded house Klaudio ***

Northern Dalmatia, Bay Kobiljak - island Pasman, From: 80 €

House Klaudio for 6 persons is built on the North Dalmatian island Pasman in the bay Kobiljak and thanks grown olive trees and other greenery ...

Secluded house Zuti

Secluded house Zuti ***

Northern Dalmatia, Island Babac

Robinson house Zuti for 2-4 persons is located on the North Dalmatian Islands Babac, which is located between the towns of Turan on the ...

Kemp Drage

Kemp Drage ***

Northern Dalmatia, Drage

DRAGE camp in the town of Drage is located in a fantastic location right by the sea with a beautiful pebble beach (in some places reinforced ...

Secluded holiday home Karaka

Secluded holiday home Karaka ***

Northern Dalmatia, Bay Vitane - island Pasman, From: 97 €

Karaka secluded house for 5 people is built in a fenced olive grove and thanks to grown olive trees it offers real privacy. The stone house ...

Rent a boat - Yacht Prestige 500

Rent a boat - Yacht Prestige 500 *****+

Northern Dalmatia, Sukosan

Luxury yacht with skipper - Prestige 500Beautiful cruise round Croatian islands, historic cities and national parks.Sailing plan: Sukosan ...

Secluded holiday home Skalica

Secluded holiday home Skalica **+

Northern Dalmatia, Island Pašman, From: 66 €

The fisherman house Skalica for 4 persons was built in an olive grove Skalica far away from neighbors. Stone house on the south side of ...

Secluded house Kamelo

Secluded house Kamelo **+

Northern Dalmatia, Bay Mala Krusevica - island Pasman, From: 77 €

The secluded house Kamelo for 4-6 persons is located on the southern coast of the island of Pasman in the smaller bay called Mala Krusevica. ...

Homestay Omisic

Homestay Omisic **+

Central Dalmatia, Omiš, From: 40 €

Homestay Omisic for 2 people is located in Omis on Omis Riviera, which is especially popular for its sandy beaches with gradual entry into ...

Apartment Sky

Apartment Sky ***+

Northern Dalmatia, Turanj, From: 90 €

Apartments Sky for 2-5 persons are located in a smaller maintained street near the beach in the village of Turanj on the Zadar Riviera. ...

Holiday house Smokvice

Holiday house Smokvice **+

Northern Dalmatia, Tkon - island Pasman, From: 48 €

Holiday house Smokvica for 8-20 people is situated on a quiet place in the first row to the beach in the town of Tkon on the island of Pasman. ...

Secluded house Olivka

Secluded house Olivka **+

Northern Dalmatia, Polje - island Pasman, From: 36 €

Olivka secluded house for 4-6 persons, the house is built in a remote area, very quiet place. Located on the south side of the island of ...

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